Internship Application – Format & Instructions

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Instructions regarding Internship Applications

  1. All the applications related to internships including but not limited to application for Bonafide Certificate and request for Letter of Recommendation (LOR) are to be sent to Dr. Ankit Awasthi ( ) in the abovementioned format..
  2. Virtual internships are allowed during the online mode of academic session. However, such internships are subject to the class schedule and the examinations as notified by the university.
  3. In case a student opts for physical or in-person internship during online mode of academic session, a letter of indemnity has to be sent in the name of the university addressed to the Registrar. Such Letter of Indemnity for the University must be signed by the student and parents undertaking that, “University will not be liable for any pandemic related issue arising out of her offline internship and Students shall take all the precautionary measures as applicable during the course of their in-person internship.”
  4. These guidelines are applicable to bonafide / LOR for internship purposes only. A request for bonafide for any other purposes like enrollment in online course/visa requirement etc. should be made to the academic section ( as well.

Application regarding Internship – Download Below

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