Notice regarding Re-Mid Term / Re-submission of Projects

All the students of 2nd to 5th year are hereby informed that:

The Examination Coordination Committee met with the Vice Chancellor and deliberated on the appeal of few students requesting for resubmission of projects and also to allow for absented midterm in the past apart from SACE submissions and the following is the decision:

1.     The scheme of projects and midterm are part of the continuous assessment scheme and cannot be permitted beyond the semester. This is the practice universally in all law schools which follow such staggered system of evaluation. 

2.     HNLU exam rules do not state or permit such practice. Such practice in the past lacks a conceptual and legal basis for a scheme of continuous assessment.

3.     The Midterm examination again cannot be exempted except in rare cases of major health issues or bereavement in the immediate family and explicitly permitted by the University. Moot court or extracurricular activities cannot be an excuse for absenting with Midterm.

4.     However, the appeal that some students who claim that they premeditated such concessions in defaulting in project submission or not writing midterm are given a one-time exemption are permitted as follows:

A.    An additional 20-mark SACE component for those who have not submitted the projects in any paper  in the past to be  given by the respective class teacher Such submissions to be completed in 15 days of the release of the assignments.

B.    An additional 20 marks of SACE component only for those who have absented in any midterm with a prior permission of the University to be released by the subject teacher. This  again to be completed within 15 days of the release of the assignment 

5.     This is a one-time exemption and in future there will be no backlog on projects and mid term will be allowed.

Examination Coordination Committee

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