SACE For B.A. LL.B. (Honours) Attendance Back (2nd Stage) Repeat-2 Examination September-2021

Please find SACE For B.A. LL.B. (Honours) Attendance Back (2nd Stage) Repeat-2 Examination September-2021 attached below. Instructions are mentioned in the SACE.

Date: 08.09.2021


Notification on Stage-2 of Repeat-2 Examination for the Students of B.A.LL.B.(Hons.) Batch-2016-2021 (Semester 1st-9th) and Backlog Students (Batches 2013-18/2014-19/2015-20) who have been debarred from appear in End Term Examination due to shortage of Attendance

The students debarred on the ground of attendance back and who have subsequently qualified the Stage-I of Repeat-2 (as notified in 25th March 2021) are required to complete the Stage-2 to pass their backlog subjects. As per the rules, the students debarred due to shortage of attendance will be capped with two grades less than the actual grades obtained. For example, students who score grade points from 1 to 3 shall be capped as having passed with the minimum passing grade, i.e. 1 grade point. However, a student who scores 4 grade points will be capped as having passed with 2 grade points.

The detailed guidelines are as follows:

 Mode of ExaminationSpecial Assignments of Critical Essays (SACE)
 Mode of EvaluationTwo SACEs x 30 Marks per written submission = 60 Marks (No Viva-voce)
 Release of SACE topics17th September 2021
 Submission DeadlineTo be submitted on or before 13th October 2021
 Word Limit2500-2800 words (each SACE) including of footnotes/references/bibliography
 Line Spacing1.5 Line Spacing
 Font Size12 Points in Times New Roman
 Mode of SubmissionSACEs shall be submitted in a single pdf with full Turnitin report to the designated e-mail id provided in SACE question paper. The students can access the Library Turnitin Class to check the similarity index of their SACEs. Students are advised to download and save the full Turnitin report of their respective assignments for future reference.
 Citations/FootnotesHarvard Bluebook, [20th Edition]
 Similarity Check of SACEsBy Turnitin (Permissible Turnitin Similarity Index is up to 30%)For more details on similarity checks and penalty, see annexure (HNLU-Anti-Plagiarism and academic integrity Policy as notified on 24/12/2020)
 Penalty on Late SubmissionsOne day delay: one-mark deductionTwo days delay: Two-marks deductionThree days delay: Three-marks deductionFour days delay: Four-marks deductionFive days delay: Five-marks deductionPost 5 days, the submissions will not be taken for evaluation and those students will have to repeat the same in the next schedule. The methodology and timeline will be announced in due course.

Controller of Examinations


  1. List of eligible students for appearing in the 2nd stage of attendance back exam is attached with this notification.
  2. The names of the students who have been debarred and not qualified the 1st stage of attendance back exam are not mentioned in the list.
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