SACE For B.A. LL.B. (Honours) Repeat-01 Exam July – 2021 – Odd Semesters

Please find SACE For Repeat-01 Exam July – 2021 attached below. Instructions are mentioned in the SACE.

  • The submissions are to be made on the form located on
  • Only official student email ids with the domain should be used to login and submit the form. Submissions made from any other generic email ids such as, etc shall be automatically discarded.
  • In case you do not have or need help recovering your official email ID. Get in touch with the IT section on
  • The login button on submission page redirects to homepage on successful login. You need to open the submission page again to start the submission after you’ve logged in.
  • Wrong file names might miss your submission altogether. Sorting is done on the basis of file name. It is mandatory that the name of individual files for each subject(Full Name of Subject, No Abbreviations) should be in this format “Semester_Name of the Student_Roll No_Subject Name” for eg. – VIII_John Doe_102_Indirect Tax
  • Please fill the form carefully and avoid submitting the form more than once for the same subject.
  • Please fill the form on time(before deadline) as the form will auto disable on deadline.
  • The form can accommodate more than one or all subjects at once. However, if you wish to submit it turns, you can do so.
  • The ideal way shall be to submit all subjects at once.
  • In case a submission for same subject is made twice, the later one shall be considered.
  • You would receive an autogenerated acknowledgement email with details of your submission along with your submission files attached on it.

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