Sui Generis - Webinar Series

“Sui Generis”, the faculty driven seminar series at HNLU, is an innovative platform wherein the faculty members would make presentations on the topics related to their areas. It has been so far a closed online series for the internal faculty only. The platform aims to be expanded for connecting with the legal fraternity at large in the coming phases. The format has a 35-minute presentation by the faculty led by a discussant and followed by a corollary interaction with the participants. Initially meant for the HNLU faculty, ‘Sui Generis’ has an ambition to be opened for other potential audience. ‘Sui Generis’ envisions to create an environment in which every faculty member would exchange their ideas and to contribute towards the advancement of creative learning and to simulate a class audience. The active participation of the faculty members and the variety of topics presented are a clear indicator of the success of the vision.


In its opening phase, ‘Sui Generis’ witnessed a total of 31 webinars on varied areas from across law, social sciences and language between April to September of 2020. It kickstarted with the presentation of Prof. (Dr.) V. C. Vivekanandan, the captain who has always led us from the front. Now second season of Sui Generis webinar started from 20.03.2021. 

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