Chadragupt’20 E-Magazine | Gratitude & Request for Circulation

We are writing this with utmost gratitude to acknowledge the unwavering support that has been rendered by your esteemed self, the learned faculty of your University and the brilliant students pursuing law under your able guidance, right from the inception of the  CAN Foundation. We would like to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude to all of you for your valuable and constructive suggestions and support which has been instrumental in enabling our growth manifold in a very short span of time. Whatever little standing and presence that we have been able to achieve, is because of the endless support that we have received from you and the students of your esteemed institution. Your unwavering faith in our ability to tend to the needs of the young scholars and professionals of law emerging from the premier National Law Universities of the country has been a constant driving force behind our initiatives.

In an endeavour to keep the Foundation’s flag flying high and to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of everyone who has been associated with our journey so far, our team has chronicalized all the activities undertaken in the interest of underprivileged & deserving law students and to enrich the legal discourse, by the Foundation, in the form of an e-magazine: CHANDRAGUPT 2020. The e-magazine is a testament to the CAN Foundation’s journey and provides insights into the projects, initiatives and efforts undertaken by the Foundation in the foregoing one year. It is a fully animated e-magazine designed by international standards. The live link of Chandragupt’20 is as follows:-

The successful reception of ‘Chandragupt-20’ depends entirely on your support and acceptance. I, on behalf of CAN, humbly request you to accept it and may also be pleased to direct its circulation in your esteemed institution including faculty and the student body. ‘Chandragupt-20’ is a result of the untiring efforts of the student members of the CAN Foundation, many of whom are drawn from your Institution only. Your acceptance of my request would be an acknowledgement of the efforts of these young scholars.

As the Foundation continues to work tirelessly to help law scholars and young professionals through Project(s) Eklavya and Dhananjay, while simultaneously enriching the academic discourse through webinars and discussions, we also request you to continue providing your invaluable support and inspiration to do good work.Warm Regards, 
Siddharth R Gupta

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