ISDC – November month journal -“The Indian Higher Education Review” (ISDC-IHER)

ISDC – International Skill Development Corporation is a leading Education and Skill Development company with a vision of bridging the global skill gap. It imparts a set of Skill Development Activities through its structured plan and aims at developing skills for tomorrow.

The learning and development operation includes the various Skill Development Projects, Professional and Vocational Education Activities, International Schools and Colleges, Professional and Corporate Training, Consulting and finally on Research & Development; having global presence in over 120 Countries.

As an initiative for disseminating the policy and regulatory insights of the Education industry, ISDC India has launched its monthly journal “The India Education Review” without a price tag. Pleased to send the digital copy of the November 2020 for your reference.

The ISDC is pleased to have your suggestions /comments on every issue to make it more meaningful to all education stakeholders.

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