Awareness Campaign on Covid-19 Vaccination – LSSC

The Covid-19 vaccines are the most potent weapon in our armoury in the fight against the pandemic and this can be won successfully by combined efforts of Governments and citizens. The major challenge with vaccination has been the “Vaccine Hesitancy” and this can be solved only by way of spreading awareness about the vaccines. By leveraging the wide demographic base in which our members are present currently, the Legal and Social Services Committee with their help organised a vaccination awareness drive in a few villages and Primary Health Centres of Chhattisgarh in order to encourage vaccination for all. The members who visited the field have tried to provide accurate scientific information about the vaccine and explain the villagers that why it is important in the fight against the pandemic. They have also tried to provide them information about the registration procedure in order to facilitate their registration.

As a part of the drive we have also encouraged other students to express support and positivity around the Covid-19 vaccination drive by sending in their pictures while getting themselves the vaccine. They have also pledged to encourage vaccination in public interest.

A step further a few students also volunteered to come up with digital posters in order to increase awareness about the vaccination drive.

Abhinav Sharma, Semester – II
Shivani Srivas, Semester – II
Nikhil Raj, Semester – II

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