EX ARCA Webinar on “Understanding Workplace Laws for Women in India “

Ex Arca, the flagship webinar platform of HNLU would host a Webinar on “Understanding Workplace Laws for Women in India: Special reference to Maternity and Parental leave, Workplace Safety and Equal Remuneration.” The webinar has Ms. Neha Koshy, an emerging authority of the domain, as the Resource Person. She is the Co-Author of the book “Understanding Workplace Rights of Women in India” published by Bloomsbury India. Her work addresses multi stake holders of practicing lawyers, compliance professionals, in-house legal counsels and HR professionals.

The webinar  to be live on WebEX and HNLU You tube Channel at 5.30 p.m. on 26th May, 2021. Ms. Neha Koshy’s session to be moderated by Dr.Balwinder Kaur, and anchored by Ms.Debmita Mondal, both faculty of HNLU.

You can register at https://bit.ly/2S9bEgO before 11 AM – 26th May or log in live at HNLU You Tube at the link

Prof.V.C.Vivekanandan, Vice Chancellor of HNLU speaking on the upcoming event observed, “ In spite of progressive laws for Women at work place, the lack of awareness and non-implementation is a serious concern. \This event will disseminate and sensitize the issue to the discerning audience.”

Ex Arca, literally meaning ‘out of the box’, is a unique initiative of the University to bring the people of diverse domains having an interface with law and academics. It has attracted the academia as well as the practitioners in all its previous editions and recorded a great enthusiasm. The event would have Live Law as the media partner and SCC Online, as the knowledge partner.

The interested audience can register by scanning the code for the webinar and may also join through YouTube.

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