HNLU organised a two-day virtual workshop on Forensic Science in Crime Investigation

Hidayatullah National Law University, in collaboration with National Forensic Science University,  organised a two-day virtual workshop on FORENSIC SCIENCE IN CRIME INVESTIGATION on 4th and 5th September. The workshop aimed at equipping the participants about basic concepts and recent trends in Forensic Science, familiarizing them about various tools and techniques used by Forensic Labs for detection of crimes, and exploring various challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in preservation and production of evidence inter alia. The workshop saw an enthusiastic audience of more than 700 participants ranging from Academicians, Practitioners and Students from India and abroad.

The opening ceremony was graced by the eminent presence of Hon’ble Mr Justice Prashant Kumar Mishra, Acting Chief Justice, High Court of Chhattisgarh & Hon’ble Chancellor, HNLU as the Chief Guest and Hon’ble Mr Justice Atul Shreedharan, Sitting Judge, Madhya Pradesh High Court, as the Keynote Speaker. The virtual dais on the occasion also witnessed the graceful presence of Prof. (Dr.) V.C. Vivekanandan, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, HNLU, Raipur, Prof. (Dr.) J. M. Vyas, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, NFSU, Gandhinagar, Prof. (Dr.) Uday Shankar, Registrar, HNLU, Raipur, Prof. (Dr.) Yogendra Srivastava, Professor and Chairman, Outreach Programmes, HNLU, Raipur.

Justice Mishra, in his address, underlined the vital role of Forensic Science in the administration of Justice and lauded the joint endeavour of HNLU and NFSU for the organisation of such a much needed confluence of discourses. He added that such an initiative to create an interface between law and forensic science would create greater interest and deeper understanding of their synergy, interdependence and symbiosis.

In his keynote address, Justice Sreedharan underscored the need for a deeper knowledge of forensic aspects among the investigating agencies as well as the justice dispensing bodies. Both the domains have the points of intersections and it is the ripe time to revisit our age-old order of investigation and give way for the new technology.

Prof. (Dr.) V.C. Vivekanandan, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, HNLU in his comment brought in some literary artistry from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to highlight the crucial facets of forensics. He emphasised on having more of this kind of interdisciplinary discourses.

Prof. (Dr.) J. M. Vyas, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, NFSU, Gandhinagar in his erudite comment said that what a living body may hide, the dead body would divulge. He added that with the passage of time the criminals have gone very professional and smart. The dispensation of justice would not be possible if the investigating agencies do not upskill and aid the Judiciary at par.

The host of resource professionals included eminent names such as Dr. Triveni Singh, I.P.S. Superintendent of Police, Cyber Crime, U.P. Police, Dr. Vineet Kapoor, I.P.S. Madhya Pradesh Cadre, Dr. G.K. Goswami, I.P.S. Chief of ATS, Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Atul Kumar Pandey Associate Professor, Chairperson, Rajiv Gandhi National Cyber Law Centre, NLIU, Prof. (Dr.) Purvi Pokhariayal, Dean, School of Law, Forensic Justice & Policy Studies, NFSU, Gandhinagar, Dr. Rakhi Agrawal, Associate Professor, School of Forensic Sciences, NFSU, Gandhinagar, Dr. Pooja Ahuja, Associate Professor, School of Forensic Sciences, NFSU, Gandhinagar, and Dr. Amit Kumar, CEO & CSO – BioAxis DNA Research Centre, Hyderabad.

The event had a profound and extensive discussions on the broader facets of the domain as Introduction to Forensic Science and Law, Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, Forensic Anthropology, Questioned Documents and Handwriting, Crime Scene Investigation, Better Methods, Techniques and Tools in Forensic Science, Law and Forensic Justice, and Role of DNA Tests in Crime Investigation.

The valedictory ceremony had the eminence presence of Hon’ble Dr. Gandhi P C Kaza, Chairman, Truth Labs, Former IGP & Director, APFSL, Hyderabad as the Chief Guest. Underlining the decisive character of the field, Dr. Gandhi added that the domain has made a very steady journey and yet to go miles. The very encouraging part is that it is drawing the best of talents these days.

Prof. (Dr.) Uday Shankar Registrar, HNLU, Raipur extended the vote of thanks and congratulated the committed Organising Committee under the patronage of Prof. (Dr.) V.C. Vivekanandan Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, HNLU, Raipur and guidance of Prof. (Dr.) Yogendra Kumar Srivastava Professor and Chairman, Outreach Programmes, HNLU, Raipur, Faculty Coordinators Dr. Ankit Awasthi and Dr Atul Jaybhaye.

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