Mediation Webinar Series – HNLU, IIAM & KD Lex Chambers

In India the origin of mediation is obscured by the lack of a clear historical and official records of indigenous processes of dispute resolution system due to our colonial past. However, recently mediation has emerged as a fast-growing disputes redressal mechanism. The supreme court of India has constituted mediation and conciliation project committee to oversee the effective implementation of mediation and conciliation in the country. The objective of our webinar series is to create awareness among the target groups to understand the technicalities of mediation and its dimensions.

This webinar series will try to improve the skills of conducting mediation to the mediation professionals and will be useful as advocacy programme to the law students in State of Chhattisgarh and across the nation. Our aim is to achieve a high standard practice of mediation to resolve the complex disputes like property, family, civil and commercial. The entire webinar series is divided into four sessions and our experts will come from a variety of backgrounds and include professionals from different walk of life, academician, legal practitioners and Judges. 

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