Session on “The Crossroads of Law & Journalism”

The HNLU Career Development Conclave 2022 is set to organize its Fifteenth session on the theme “The Crossroads of Law & Journalism” on 24th September 2022. In this session, the welcome remarks will be given by Ms. Hina Iliyas Assistant Professor, HNLU, Raipur

The welcome remarks shall be followed by hosting esteemed panel consisting of Mr. Tarun Nangia, Associate Editor (Special Projects), NewsX, Ms. Apoorva Mandhani, Principal Correspondent, The Print, Mr. Jeevan Prakash Sharma, Senior Assistant Editor, Outlook Magazine, Mr. Pavan Dahat, Former Journalist of Huffington Post & The Hindu, Mr. Nimitt Dixit, Legal Content Analyst, Reuters and Mr. Jinendra Parakh, Anchor, Vikas Ke Path Par, Doordarshan.

Mr. Nimitt and Mr. Jinendra are also alumni of HNLU from the undergraduate batches of 2015 and 2017 respectively.

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