Two-Day Virtual Workshop on Forensic Science in Crime Investigation

The application of scientific methods to investigate crimes and to find out the suspect person involved in the crime has been playing a decisive role in crime investigation. With the development in science and technology the notion of crime as well as the various methods used by criminals in its commission have experienced a remarkable change. The term ‘Forensic’ is derived from the Latin word ‘forensis’ which means belonging to courts of justice. ‘Forensic Science’ can be well-defined as that “scientific discipline which is directed to the recognition, identification, individualization, evaluation of physical evidence by the application of the principles and methods of natural sciences for the purpose of administration of criminal justice”. ‘Forensic Science’ includes all branches of physical and natural sciences i.e., chemistry, biology, physics and geology. After passage of few years, it has established its own branches, which are more or less the exclusive domain of forensic science. Anthropology, odontology, fingerprints, footprints, ballistics, serology, cyber forensic were basically developed to assist the criminal justice administration.

Collection and preservation of ‘forensic evidence’ is a challenging task for the law enforcement agencies which has utmost importance during criminal proceedings. Further, it has been observed from many cases that due to improper collection of evidence from crime scene, the prosecution has failed to prove the guilt of the accused beyond reasonable doubt which ultimately results in acquittal of the accused. Moreover, production of the ‘forensic evidence’ in an effective manner in the court of law also necessitates skills and knowledge which can be learnt through proper training and practice. 

The present workshop aims to address all the existing issues and loopholes and will provide a platform of learning to all stakeholders from experienced trainers in the field of forensic science.

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