Dr. Ankit Singh

Assistant Professor

Phone: +91 8827638448


– 2020: Ph.D. from Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal (M.P.)
– 2014: Qualified UGC-NET (JRF)
– 2014: LL.M. (Intellectual Property & Business Laws) from National Law Institute University, Bhopal (M.P.)
– 2012: B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) from Department of Law, Barkatullah University, Bhopal (M.P.)

Courses Taught

– Law of Copyright
– Law and Tribes


Book titled “Lectures on Administrative Law” [ISBN: 978-620-2-68036-3] published by Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany
Book titled “Dimensions of Private International Law in UK and India” [ISBN: 978-620-2-92152-7] published by Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany
Two Chapters titled “Green Innovation and Diffusion of Green Technology: Role of OECD Countries (Patent Data Analysis)” and “Building a Green Economy through Innovation: Law and Policy Perspectives” in the book titled “Changing Dynamics of Intellectual Property Rights” published by Satyam Law International [ISBN: 978-81-949509-8-1]
Chapter titled “Post-retirement Benefits and Social Security for Sportspersons in India: A Critical Study” published in the book titled “Issues and Challenges in Law Relating to Sports in India” published by Taxmann [ISBN: 978-93-90831-83-8]
Chapter titled “The Growth of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry under the Current Patent Regime of India” published in the book “Working of Patents: Law and Pharmaceutical Implications” published by Mewar University Press [ISBN: 978-93-85212-23-9]
Chapter titled “Decoding the Element of Mens Rea under the Indian Anti-Drug Law (NDPS Act, 1985)” published in the book titled “Criminal Law Reforms in India: Recent Issues and Challenges (Part I)” published by Shandilya Publications [ISBN: 978-81-953270-8-9]

Research Papers
Research paper titled “Climate Change, Green Innovation and Patent Regime: A Roadmap for Developing Countries” published in Asia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (APJMR) [Vol. VII, Issue 4; ISSN (P): 2350-7756; ISSN (E): 2350-8442 – UGC CARE on the date of publication]
Research paper titled “Emerging Trends in Green Marketing in Indian and the Interface with Patent Regime” published in Army Institute of Law (AIL) Journal [Vol. XII; ISSN: 0975-8208 – UGC CARE]
Research paper titled “Changing Scenario of Benami Transactions in India: A Critical Analysis” published in Bharati Law Review [Vol. VI, Issue I; ISSN: 2278-6996 – UGC CARE]
Research paper titled “Revisiting the Law of Sedition in India: A Critical Study in the light of the JNU Fiasco” published in RMLNLU Journal [Vol. VII; ISSN: 0975-9549]
Research Paper titled “Role of Faculty Colloquiums in Improving Legal Education in India: A Critical Analysis” published in Contemporary Law Review (Journal of Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur) [Volume 3, Number 1, 2019; ISSN: 2581-7582]
Research paper titled “Safeguarding Trade Dress in India: Emerging Jurisprudence, Trends and Challenges (A Comparative Analysis with the US)” published in Amity International Journal of Juridical Sciences [Vol. 6, 2020; ISSN: 2395-4019]
Research paper titled “Judicial Trends in India Relating to Trademark Dilution: A Critical Analysis (with special reference to Yahoo! Inc. v. Sanjay Patel & Others)” published in Jagran International Journal of Contemporary Research [Vol.VI, ISSN: 2320-9372]
Research paper titled “War Against Terrorism: New Trends in International Humanitarian Law” published in the International Journal of Legal and Social Studies [Vol. II, Issue 1; ISSN: 2394-1936]
Research paper titled “Contemporary Trends in Green Patenting in India: A Critical Analysis” published in the Law Audience Journal [Vol. I, Issue 3; ISSN (O): 2581-6705]
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