Dr. Jaya Vasudevan


Phone: +91


• Ph.D (Delhi University)
• PG Diploma in Int’l Trade & Business Law (ISIL, New Delhi)
• LL.B (University of Kerala)
• UGC-NET (2003)

Courses Taught

• International Trade & Investment Law
• Legal Aspects of Business
• Infrastructure Law & Policy
• Corporate Governance
• Commercial Arbitration & Dispute Resolution
• Conflict Management in Businesses
• Infrastructure Project Finance & Indirect Tax Law
• Research & Publication Ethics (for Ph.D Scholars)



Prof. Jaya Vasudevan has been Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for Foreign and International Private and Business Law, at the Heidelberg University, Germany. She holds Ph.D from the University of Delhi in International Commercial Arbitration Law. She has about 18 years of experience in academic teaching and research at various acclaimed institutions including the Indian Council of Arbitration/ FICCI (2003); the University of Delhi (2004-2005); the Indian Law Institute (2005-2013); the Heidelberg University (2014-2018) and the TERI School of Advanced Studies (2018-2021). Before joining HNLU, she was working as Associate Professor at the Department of Business & Sustainability at TERI SAS. Broader areas of her research work include Corporate & Business Law wherein she has also been involved in the design and preparation of course descriptors/outlines of Masters and Ph.D programme. Her teaching as well as recent research has been in the field of International Trade Law including Dispute Resolution Laws & Conflict Management in Business with special focus on Commercial & Investment Arbitration Law. She is an active member of various widely regarded professional bodies & arbitral institutions in Europe. Currently she focuses on studying new forms of interdisciplinary cooperation in International Business Law unfolding the newer challenges to sustainability in global trade. Her recent research works include the GST law and Indirect Taxation and Comparative Law of International Commercial Arbitration in Europe and South Asia.


• Humboldt Post-doctoral Fellowship, Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation, Germany
• German Language Fellowship, Goethe Institute, Mannheim, Germany
• Dr. A. T. Markose Memorial Gold Medal for securing First Rank in LL.M (CUSAT)
• K.C Menon Memorial Endowment for meritorious student of Master’s Programme
• V.N. Padmanabha Pillai Memorial Prize for academic excellence (CUSAT)

Sponsored Research:

• The Comparative Law of International Commercial Arbitration in Europe & South Asia, Institute for Foreign and International Private and Business Law, Heidelberg University, Post-doctoral research funded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany
• The Nature & Scope of International Commercial Arbitration Law in South Asia, research sponsored by Korea Legislation Research Institute and Asia Legal Information Network, South Korea
• The Status/Effectiveness of Alternate Dispute Resolution in India, research project funded by the World Bank and International Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ICADR)
• The Causes of Delay in the Trial of Murder Cases and Case Management Strategies, research project funded by the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPRD), Government of India
• The Study on Delay in the Administration of Criminal Justice in India, the Indian Law Institute, New Delhi


Selected Publications:

• Jaya V.S, Indirect Taxes (GST & Other Indirect Taxes); Eastern Book Company, Lucknow; 488 pp; ISBN: 9789388822381 (2019)
• Jaya V S, “Investment Arbitration: Conflict Dynamics”, Journal of Sustainable Development Law & Policy, Vol.12, Issue 2 (2021)
• Jaya V S, “Transparency as a Human right in International Investment Arbitration” in Human Rights: Contemporary Issues, V K Ahuja (ed.), Lucknow (Eastern Book Company; ISBN: 9789388822299(2019)
• Vishnu Konoorayar and Jaya V.S, “Building the Global Climate Change Regulatory Regime: An Overview” Vol 9 Issue 2 International Journal of South Asian Studies, ISSN 0974 – 2514 (2016)
• Jin Choi You, Vishnu Konoorayar, Jaya, V.S; International Commercial Arbitration in South Asia: A Comparative Study. Seoul. Korea Legislation Research Institute. 127 pp. ISBN: 9788966841714 (2012)
• Jaya V.S “Human rights and Neoliberalism,” in Human rights in 21st Century: Changing Dimensions, Gurdip Singh & V K Ahuja (ed.), New Delhi (Universal Law Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd, 2012). ISBN: 978-93-5035-166-6 (2012)
• Jaya V.S, “Central Excise and Customs,” Annual Survey of Indian Law-2010, 79-99 XLVI; ISSN 0570-2666 (2011)
• Jaya V.S, “Indirect Taxes Law –I, “Annual Survey of Indian Law-2008, 389-421 XLIV; ISSN 0570-2666; (2009)
• Jaya V.S, “Alternate Dispute Resolution Mechanisms,” in Towards Legal Literacy: An Introduction to Law 198-204 in Kamala Sankaran and Ujjwal Kumar Singh (ed.), (Oxford University Press, ISBN13: 978-0-19-569222-8 (2008)
• Jaya V.S, “Finality and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards: An Overview” Asia Law Review 31-52 Vol.4(2) ISSN 1738-5318 (2007)
• “Legality and Fairness in Arbitral Awards” Asian–African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO) Quarterly Bulletin 278-93 Vol. 2(3) ISSN 0973-1660(2006)
• Vishnu Konoorayar and Jaya V.S (ed.), Disaster Management and Law, The Indian law Institute, (2005)
• Jaya V.S, “Competency and Jurisdiction of Arbitral Tribunals in India” Delhi Law Review 96-115 XXVI; ISSN 0973-001X (2004)

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