Dr. Pankaj Prakash Umbarkar

Associate Professor


• Ph.D.(Law)
• LL.M (Criminal Law)
• LL. B

Courses Taught

Indian Penal Code
Law of Evidence
Criminal Procedure Code


Dr. Pankaj Umbarkar worked as an Assistant Professor of Law at Symbiosis Law School Hyderabad, Symbiosis International Deemed University Pune, where he taught Code of Civil Procedure and Contemporary Lawyering. He has worked as a Head of Centre for Advancement of International Law from 2018-2020. He worked as an in -charge of Centre for Rights of Differently Abled (CRDA) and Centre for Specialization in Cyber Law Studies (CSCLS) 2019-21. He worked as a Member Secretary on the Committee for Standard Operational Process (SOP) at SLSH. Worked as a Member of Event Management Committee, Mentor for LL. B and LL.M Students and contributed to educational innovation, design of new curricula and courses.


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