Dr. Uttam Kumar Panda

Assistant Professor

Phone: +919826303884


M.A., M.Phil., PhD (UGC-NET Qualified) in Sociology

Courses Taught

Research Methods in Social Sciences, Sociology of Law, Classical and Modern Sociological Thinkers and Theories, Introduction to Sociology, Rural Sociology, Indian Society, Social Psychology, and Sociology of Development etc.


• Gender Issues and Challenges in Twenty First Century (Edited), Satyam Law International, New Delhi (2015), ISBN-978-93-82823-20-9.
• Gender, Career and Conflict: An Empirical Study of Two-Working Families in India, Cambridge Scholars Press, United Kingdom (Forthcoming).
• Panda, Uttam Kumar, (2011) “Role Conflict, Stress and Dual-Career Couples: An Empirical Study” The Journal of Family Welfare, Vol.57, No.2, Pp72-88 ISSN: 0022-1074.
• Panda, Uttam Kumar, (2010) “Working Couples and Changing Domestic Roles: Why and How These Consequences??” Research Link, Vol.-IX (4), pp58-60 ISSN-0973-1628.
• Panda, Uttam Kumar (2009), “Decentralization, Local Self-Governance and Gender: Moving towards More Equality” in Decentralized Governance and Development, Edited by T. M. Joseph, Deep & Deep Publications Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. ISBN 9781-8450-155-1, pp 50-66.
• Dash, S. K. and Uttam Kumar Panda (2004), “Era of Globalization and Education in India” in Third Concept: An International Journal of Ideas, Vol. 18, No.208, ISSN 0970-7247, pp 49-52.
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