LL.M. Syllabus October 2020-January 2021

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It is contended that over the most recent couple of a long time there have been detectable changes across fringes affecting individuals in pretty much every circle. These improvements are frequently alluded to as globalization. Ostensibly these advancements have been impacting global law in a few ways. Most significant impact on worldwide law can be in two different ways: one is the effect on the creation of global law and the other is on the considerable substance of worldwide law. Generally, States are creators of worldwide law. This
circumstance has not gone through any central changes. In any case, it is contended that, not at all like the previous, a few entertainers are affecting the choices of States in various manners.

These entertainers, extensively classified as non-state entertainers, incorporate outfitted gatherings, social developments and business elements. Notwithstanding it, the meaningful substance of global law, it is contended as going through changes, in this way prompting change in the thought of equity at the worldwide level. While each activity towards law making impacts changes in the considerable law, it is basic to assess how those progressions are influencing the ideas of equity at the worldwide level.

• To make students understand about the wider aspects of law.
• To make students understand about the inter-section of law, justice and globalization.
• To discuss about the principles of law and justice in contemporary scenario.
• To discuss about the impact of globalization.

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