Alma Matters

In a developing country not all are fortunate to get the chance to graduate from an educational institute of any standard. More fortunate are those who reach the portals of an Institute of National importance and too for a professional degree. The moot point is whether the institute makes one to excel as a professional or an achiever of such excellence is incidentally part of an Institute? Such a dichotomy could be superfluous, as it often opined that the system and the individual are symbiotic in achieving the laurels.

The future autobiography of many a ‘thought leaders’ had their preface inked in a class room, cafeteria, cultural fest or a college dorm. Teachers and class mates are often the inspiration for the future screen play of the alumni in their life and career.

The ‘Alma Matters…’ webinar platform designed at HNLU aims to invite, honour and get inspired from the Alumni of their turbulence and triumphs, ambivalence and achievements for an inter-generational motivation.

Yes, Alma Mater Matters…

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If you’re one of the alumni of the university. We request you to register yourself in this database by scanning the QR Code or by clicking the link provided below. The said database shall be used for all future events and information which is relevant for the Alumni.

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