Anti Ragging

As per the UGC notification entitled “Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009” and in compliance of the 2nd amendment in UGC regulations, it is compulsory for each student and his/her parent/Guardian to submit an online undertaking each academic year at either of the two designated web sites, namely and As part of UGC’s initiative towards reduction of compliance burden of its stakeholders, UGC has revised the procedure for students to file online anti ragging affidavit. Therefore, it is compulsory for each student and their parent/Guardian to file online anti ragging affidavit according to the new procedure prescribed by the UGC.

The revised procedure is as follows:

Step 1: A student will submit his/her details on the same web sites as provided above and read and confirm that he/she and his/her parents/guardians have read and understood the regulations on curbing the menace of ragging. He / She will confirm and agree that he/she will not engage in ragging in any form. (Step 1 is the same like before).

Step 2: The students will receive an E Mail with his/her registration number and a web link. The student will forward the link to the E Mail of the Nodal officer in his/her university / college. (Please note that the student will not receive pdf affidavits and he/she is not required to print and sign it as used to be the case earlier)

Step 3: The nodal officer in the university / college can click on the link of any forwarded e-mails that he/she will receive from any student of his/her college to get the list of those students who have submitted anti ragging affidavits/undertakings in his/her college.

Anti-Ragging Committee:

  1.  Prof. (Dr.) V.C. Vivekanandan – Vice Chancellor and Chairperson
  2. Ms. Geeta Shukla Diwan – Member (Civil Administration)
  3. Superintendent of Police or – Member (Police Administration) Nominee
  4. Mr. Neeraj Mishra – Member (Local Media Representative)
  5. Mr. Praveen Kumar Pathak – Member (Local Media Representative)
  6. Ms. Shatabdi Subodh Pandey – Member (NGO Representative)
  7. Dr. Kaumudhi Challa – Member (Faculty Representative)
  8. Dr. Kiran Kori – Member (Faculty Representative)
  9. Mr. Kedarnath Patel – Member (Parents Representative)
  10. Mr. Surendra Agrawal – Member (Parents Representative)
  11. Mr. Satish Pawar – Member (Staff Representative)
  12. Ms. Jass Kaur Bindra – Member (Student Representative)
  13. Ms. Anjali Markam – Member (Student Representative)

Anti-Ragging Squad:

  1.  Dr. Avinash Samal, Dean-Student Welfare – Convener
  2.  Dr. Rana Navneet Roy, Chief Warden – Member
  3.  Dr. Anita Singh, Assistant Registrar – Member
  4.  Mr. Jeevan Sagar, Warden – Member
  5.  Mr. Pradeep Barman, Warden – Member
  6.  Mr. Atul S. Jayabhaye, Warden – Member
  7.  Dr. Priyanka Dhar, Warden – Member
  8.  Ms. Hina Iliyas, Warden – Member
  9.  Ms. Garima Panwar, Warden – Member
  10.  Dr. Vipan Kumar, Dean-IRAP – Member Secretary

         The details of the Convener are provided below:

         Dr. Avinash Samal
         Assistant Professor, Convener, AntiRagging Committee, HNLU, Raipur
         Phone No.  +91 9589187764, 8839210906

Complaint of Ragging

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