Lex Osmose

The expanding knowledge domain of law impacts individual and society in all spheres of life and can be summarized as ‘womb to tomb’. The resolution for competing choices is to be found in the framing of legislatures and attendant legal research. The five-year law programme introduced three decades back has over the years facing the challenge of balancing the mandatory courses of the regulatory bodies with that of the specialized domains of knowledge. The response to such an expansion is not to increase the number of years of study or to increase the already overburdened CGPA system but to introduce advance and specialized course to be enrolled as non-CGPA courses.

The Lex Osmose programme is designed as customized single/ double credit courses offered by external faculty comprising of Academics, Advocates, Policy wonks and Civil Society enthusiasts. These courses to be offered online /off line to interested applicants to be evaluated for the learning outcome and will be part of the certification outside CGPA.

Email id: lexosmose@hnlu.ac.in

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