Covid Helpline

The University has constituted a “COVID STUDENTS GRIEVANCES CELL of HNLU” as per the UGC guidelines comprising of the following Faculty Members to look into the student grievances relating to examination and other academic matters during the closure of the University due to Covid-19 pandemic:

1.Dr. Uttam Kumar Panda, Faculty MemberConvener
2.Dr. Avinash Samal, Faculty MemberMember
3.Dr. Yamala Papa Rao, Faculty MemberMember
4.Dr. Deepak Kumar Srivastava, Faculty Member & COEMember
5.Ms. Debmita Mondal, Faculty MemberMember

By orders


Download Notification – Order220520

The students may send their grievances only to the dedicated email I.D. mentioned below:

or fill the form below

The members will respond/ clarify/address issues relating to various aspects of Exams/ Internships/ Recruitment/ Moots/ Infrastructure/ Sports/ Recommendation letters/ and other grievances. It is requested that students to mail only to this ID instead of marking a copy to Registrar or Vice Chancellor as it might be lost with the escalated mails coming from many external sources in their box. The members will escalate appropriate content which requires the attention or deliberation of the Vice Chancellor’s office or Registrar’s office.

Covid Help Form

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