Shri R. Venkatramani, the Learned Attorney General of India, holds a distinguished career in the Indian legal landscape. He has been a valuable member of the Senior Advocate’s panel for the Government of India in the Supreme Court, specializing in numerous indirect tax cases. Notably, he was appointed as a Member of the Law Commission of India in 2010, a significant body responsible for legal reform and development in the country.

He has been a dedicated advocate for the State of Tamil Nadu for over a decade, and he has also served as a Special Senior Counsel for the State of Andhra Pradesh. Furthermore, he has represented the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board in important cases before the Supreme Court and the Electricity Appellate Tribunal in New Delhi. His legal acumen extends to his role as a Special Counsel for various ministries, including the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Railways, and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Venkatramani has also been a Standing Counsel for universities and public sector corporations.

In the international legal arena, he has participated in workshops and activities organized by global bodies such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the International Commission of Jurists. He has also been involved in constitutional drafting exercises in countries like Nepal. His contributions as an author are notable, with publications on various legal topics, including “Land Reforms,” “Judgments of Justice O. Chinnappa Reddy,” and contributions to Halsbury’s Laws of India.

His illustrious career spans national and international dimensions, showcasing his dedication to justice and legal scholarship. His contributions to various legal fields and his extensive experience in regional and national matters have solidified his reputation as a prominent figure in India’s legal community.

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