Dr. Anindhya Tiwari

Assistant Professor


1. BALLB (Hons.) 2004-2009 (HNLU Raipur)
2. LLM 2010-2012 (HNLU Raipur)
3. PhD 2020 (NLU Jodhpur)

Courses Taught

1. Direct Taxation (UG)
2. Indirect Taxation (UG)
3. Corporate Laws 1 & 2 (UG & PG)
4. Banking Laws (UG & PG)
5. Competition Laws (UG & PG)
6. Corporate & Project Finance (UG & PG)
7. Financial Market and Regulation of Securities (UG)
8. Corporate Governance (UG)
9. Administrative Law (UG)
10. Research Ethics & Publication Ethics (PhD)


Dr. Anindhya Tiwari, prior to joining his current assignment at Hidayatullah National Law University, was working as an Associate Professor of Law at G. D. Goenka University, Gurugram, He is an alumnus of Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur (2009-Batch), before joining academics, he was associated with a leading Law firm at New Delhi, later doing Masters at law (2012 Batch) and joining various legal education institutes as Head of the Department at MATS Law School, MATS University, National Law University Jodhpur (NLUJ), Galgotias University & Jaipur National University. He has acquired more than 8 years of teaching experience & 4 years of Industry Experience and has various publications in national and international journals. Dr Anindhya Tiwari is a regular presenter/chairperson at various national & international conferences. He holds his Ph.D. from National Law University Jodhpur researching in the field of International Taxation. He has also authored a book on Banking Law and has edited two books from nationally & internationally reputed publisher. His upcoming scholarship is going to be published in a form of book on ‘International Taxation’. He is also a regular participant/speaker at Patrika Online Debate and NAMOApp Virtual Meet. Since 2018 he was also in the empanelled list of professional trainers appointed by Ministry of Women and Child, Government of India, for imparting institutional level training on Prevention of Sexual harassment at workplace. He and his team have been instrumental in providing statutory training on the topic at various Governmental and Private institutions.


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– (National) Prepared and published in NLUJ university press various reading material on the following:
– Company Law,
– Corporate Finance &
– Banking Laws.
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