Schedule of LL.M. Dissertation Viva-Voce

Guidelines for LL.M. Dissertation Viva-Voce

  1. The Viva Voce for the Dissertation for 100 marks is scheduled through Cisco WebEx platform with external examiner.
  2. Your faculty coordinator will send the link to join along with the time to your mail ID and you need to confirm to the faculty of the receipt of such link by mail or by phone.
  3. You are required to arrange for a stable internet connection and a devise to attend the same. If there are band width issues, the candidate can just come over audio without video.
  4. The approximate schedule of each candidate is fixed as 15 minutes of which 5 minutes will be allotted for a PPT presentation or oral presentation.
  5. The Five minutes to be used by presenting five slides on

a. The topic along with the candidate name and ID no

b. The Research Questions addressed in the dissertation

c. The chapterization 

d. The findings and conclusions

e. The literature used for this dissertation.

  • This will be followed by 10 minute interaction with the external expert and on completion signal from the examiner or by the coordinator to log out of the progamme.
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