Notice for Repeat-2/ Attendance Back (Stage-2) Examination Application Form and Attendance Back (Stage-1) Results

Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur Ref:HNLU:Exams:2023                                                                                         Date: 06.04.2023 Notice Repeat-2/ Attendance Back (Stage-2) Examination, May-June 2023 For Students of B.A.LL.B. (Honours) and LL.M. This Repeat-2/Attendance Back (Stage-2) Examination shall be conducted only for those students who have attended 70% classes in B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) and 75% in LL.M. as well as cleared their attendance […]

Issue of Provisional Degree and Other Certificates

Issue of Provisional Degree and Other Certificates All Students of B.A.LL.B. (Hons.) who have successfully completed all the prescribed courses, by securing at least the minimum ‘C’ grade in all courses and a minimum grade point average of 1 out of 7, after the declaration of results are hereby advised to submit application in prescribed […]

Subject & Faculty List of Re-submission of Project Repeat-2 Examination, March-2021

S. No. Sem. Subject Faculty Members Email I.D. 1 I Economics (Minor): Principles of Economics Dr. Eritriya Roy  2 I General English Mr. Jeevan Sagar 3 I Law of Contract-I Dr. Rana Navneet Roy 4 I Legal Method Dr. Ankit Awasthi  5 I Political Science (Major): Political Theory Mr. Kamal Narayan […]

Notice for the Extension of Repeat-1 Examination, March-2021

On the request of the students on various grounds the Examination Coordination Committee and Academic Planning Committee under the chairmanship of the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor has decided to extend the date of submission of Repeat Examination application form till 20th April 2021.   The earlier released timeline and guidelines will apply and no further extension of submission […]

Revaluation of Online End Term Exam, November-2020 (Session: January to April, 2020)

This is to inform the Students of B.A.LL.B. (Hons.) who wish to submit online application for Revaluation of Online End Term Exam, November-2020 (Session: January to April, 2020) papers, that they may submit their application in prescribed form with proof of deposit of requisite fee on or before 20.04.2021 (Tuesday). No applications will be entertained […]

Eligibility and Non Eligibility List of Repeat-1 Examination, March-2021

The following students have been found Eligible for the Repeat-1 Examination, March-2021: S.No. ID/Enroll. No. Name Batch Subjects 1 019/2019/2008 Roshan Jaju XIX Semester – 1 Economics (Minor): Principles of Economics 2 019/2019/2011 Naman Keswani XIX Semester – 1 Law of Contract-I 3 019/2019/2013 Shubham Aditya XIX Semester – 1 Law of Contract-I 4 019/2019/2013 […]

Notice regarding Re-Mid Term / Re-submission of Projects

All the students of 2nd to 5th year are hereby informed that: The Examination Coordination Committee met with the Vice Chancellor and deliberated on the appeal of few students requesting for resubmission of projects and also to allow for absented midterm in the past apart from SACE submissions and the following is the decision: 1.     The scheme […]

Notice for project submission deadline extension for 2nd year to 5th year students

No. HNLU/Reg./23523/2021                                                                   Date: 25/03/2021 NOTICE On the request of Students, the Academic Planning Committee has recommended and approved by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor for the extension of submission deadline of project to the 2nd year to 5th year students from 28th March 2021 to 5th April 2021. By Order Registrar (I/c)

Repeat Examination Guidelines (January-2021)

B.A. LL.B. (Honours): Semesters-II, IV& VI Head Details Exam Method Special Assignments of Critical Essays (SACE) Marking -All Papers Two SACEs x 30 Marks = 60 Marks (No Viva-voce) Release of SACE topics 15th February 2021 Submission Deadline To be submitted on or before 10th April 2021 Word Limit 2500-2800 words (each SACE) inclusive of […]

Refund of Caution Money and Posting of Degree

Refund of Caution Money and Posting of Degree The University has transferred the security deposit for 571 students of the batches of 2015 to 2019 in the last week. The remaining students of 2015-2019 to submit the required details in the form at the earliest – The processing will be carried out in every […]

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